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Friday, December 01, 2006

November Night Outs

My Ckt berks and I went to see Ige's band (Nicco) three times in Cafe Lupe. They have a gig every thurs of Nov. there. The band is great! And by that, I mean great to listen to, and look at, and talk (and smile) with. The vocalist is very charming. Siyempre si Ige din. hehe

On the last thurs of Nov. a signal no. 4 typhoon is supposed to hit Manila, so Cafe Lupe wasn't open for the public. We met the band at glo4 anyhow, after watching 'Casino Royale' -- which means meeting the band for 4 November Thursdays. The last meeting was a bummer though. I think I pissed 'him' off with my reactions to what he did with my aces. Hmmm... Ikukwento ko na lang in person ang detalye nito. Ige, Fil, Norman, Arpee, and Roma know about this. (You think I should stop "stalking"?) haha. :D

Wait! Those are only my Nicco nightouts.

November's also my month for stars.

I've seen Rannie Raymundo, Jeff Tam, and Erik Mana all in one 'magical' room. Herbert Bautista shook my hands in a conference the next day. I smiled at Jim Paredes, before seeing 'Happy Feet', then ate with Manilyn Reynes in the same resto.

(And I thought my practicum responsibilities would prevent me from going out.)

Now back to my lesson plans, and visual aids, and quizzes, and posters, and journals, and reports, and homeroom reading activities, and....


I also met up with pisay tropa last Nov 25. It was jom's bday and anna's advance treat. Happy belated birthdays!!

‘Happy Feet’ is sooooo much better than ‘Casino Royale’.

Saturday, November 11, 2006

Shopping (and digressions)

My practicum days are nearing. I will be teaching high school kids from Mondays to Fridays- yes, practice teaching - instead of slaving over a thesis. This means no more Wednesday 'research breaks'. (And late Tuesday night outs). Also, it means goodbye jeans-and-shirt-and-tsinelas days. Hello very stressful semester!

November 9 (Thursday), I decided to prepare for the final sem. So I went to shop for clothes that'll give me a teacher look. Haha. I'm not good at buying or haggling. I rarely buy clothes. You see, I have a lot of clothes (some of them I already traded with CKT rummage donations). Even some of the garments in my closet haven't been worn for years. So while in Ever Gotesco, I experienced the muscle strain one gets from too much exercise. That's when I realized it's been so long since I shopped for clothes.

My latest clothes-shopping was, months ago, with Elma. Elma, remember? We went hunting for a thesis-presentation blouse. After which, we (Danes and I) stayed over Elma's house to watch 'Brokeback Mountain'. If we were in a movie house, the usher will surely ask me to leave (after the other moviegoers have thrown all of their soda cans at me). Hmmm.. Let's just say I mutated into a moronic commentator. Haha. Fun night!

So there, my feet were aching, but haven't bought any teacher-looking attire yet. And I was already thinking of my bed that time. Shopping alone can be stressful.

Four years ago, Ghe and I once shopped for slippers. I opted for sandals I could wear to school everyday, but we ended up with slippers. The slippers lasted for more than 2 years. Yep, I wore it every school day. I forgot the brand. Matibay talaga!

Ayun, after three hours of circling the Ever's department store's women's clothing section, nakabili na ako ng 3 blouses (roughly 1 hour for a blouse). Tapos napadaan ako sa arcade section. Every time I see a motorcycle race computer, I always remember Elma. Haaaaayyy.. Elma, ang galeng naten! haha.

A week from now, I may already be handling high school kids. Fil, mukhang mapapadalas na consultations ko sa'yo. Sa totoo lang, natatakot ako. I am inadequate. I need all the help I can get. Friends, help?

Thursday, October 26, 2006

A not-so-updated update

There were no entries during the sem because acads stuff and choir activities, (and gimiks) ate up my time. Plus, I forgot my username AND password for this blog. So for those asking for updates, sorry ngayon lang. hehe

[okay, enough excuses]

For the past three months, I fell in love with:

(harder) my friends.
Just had a memorable birthday in years. Thanks particularly to Earl (pisay tropa), Cess (choirmate) and the rest of the choir mems, and to my upcircuitbarkada. Tenku u sobra mga tsong!

I have chosen magic as a topic for a 2000-word essay in my creative writing class. This is a cliche but I'm gonna say it anyway - there's magic in magic! The people, skills, trade, and culture involved -everything - is just so amazing and fascinating. Learned a lot from my researches and gained a new outlook on magic because of the paper. It was a wonderful experience! Thanks to Ige and his referrals, I got a 1.25 for the course.

A magician.
Hmmm.. I know 'love' is too strong a word, so, let's just say I got infatuated with him.
He's a certain celebrity magician who has been uber-helping me with my paper. He's completely ignoring me now though.
Still, I hope to be his assistant someday. Looking forward to the day he'll cut me into two.
*sigh*..... "Why Can't It Be (the two of us)?"

Now we know, an essay could induce stupidity. hehe
(just my tatlong-bente singko)

I might post my two essays here. One is a profile on a cancer survivor, and the other is, as I have mentioned earlier, about magic. But they're going to be a long read. (At least my blog's now updated). hehe

Saturday, July 01, 2006

A Fall to Remember

(Pick a random tune here). “Liz, lumalakas ang ulan!” Chai said hoping to keep me from singing another note. And people around us who have heard this remark, those who sought shelter from the rain, snickered with her.
Fine! I won’t sing. But I won’t leave Quezon City Circle skating rink without my sixty-peso-per-hour roller blades going around it either.
It was drizzling when we were putting on the rented blades. When the drizzle became anything but light rain, we had no choice but to wait for it to stop. So we stretched a bit (yep, with our blades on), practiced standing (of course with our blades on), talked about going home because the downpour seems endless but figured we’re going to have to wait for it to stop at any rate (with our blades on), sang (that was when Chai mocked me), chitchatted the owner of the rink, and then, ummm, just plain waited (still with our blades on).
Eons later, the rain stopped, but my companion regained sanity and decided she doesn’t want her clothes to get wet. I’m going to have the rink all to myself then. She stayed there nevertheless – to hear me shout her name for help when I’m losing balance, see me fall, and wet my hair and the lateral half of my pants and underpants (damn puddles!). I brought Chai down with me on my second, my last and final, fall that day - so much for keeping herself dry. Hehe. Hindi kami tumayo agad pagkatumba. We have lain on the rink’s watery floor for while and analyzed how she could have prevented my (our) fall, and, then laughed at ourselves.

Moral of the story: Never skate alone.

That was my fourth one-hour skating visit to QC Circle’s rink. And I’m very glad I have learned to skate before I can consider myself very old for skating (by that, I mean 22 years and up). Haha. Of course, my ass kissed the rink’s floor a hundred times, but I guess it was all worth learning how to skate. I’m still not close to being an X-gamer though. Am I willing to do more ass-kissing to achieve that? Hmmm… Nah!


hindi pa ako marunong mag-reply sa comments

si ma'am conchitina cruz prof ko. magaling siya. i-google mo. haha.
fulbright scholar, magna cum laude, valdectorian sa CAL nung time niya.

bonding ulit minsan! sana makasama ka na

ayan, medyo sinipag ako. ü
pero baka matagal-tagal pa bago masundan ang entry

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

My first...

Blow off
(I was the 'blowee') hehe

* happened recently, told subtly, but (man!) heartbreakingly and ego-shatteringly humiliating.
I wasn't technically courting. Pero kaya siguro sa mga lalake lang ang panliligaw? Guys probably could handle rejections better.

* sucks.


* are not medications but methods -> learning new skills and hanging out.

I am trying to convert negative emotions to motivations for learning new skills: rollerblading, skating, and academic, serious writing required for my would-be profession.

* is, so far, working

Workshop class

* is a curriculum requirement
I have enlisted in a creative non-fiction class that requires writing substantial essays to pass. This means practicing and studying stylistics for my writing. (So in sync with my anti-depression method - thanks to fate! )

* will, i sure hope so, not be my first failed educ subject.


* Since I have chicken-scratch for a penmanship, and I have few paper and pens lying around.

* Since highlighting a word for thesaurus is way better than skimming a yellowed dictionary.

* Since comments and critiques from friends, hopefully, would improve my writing prowess.

* To, maybe, record some of my life's events.

And thus, my first